A small attempt to setup rules and guidelines

What we will be calling “Hardcore learning” here is a method to master a subject efficiently in the smallest amount of time possible. This set of rules doesn’t come out of nowhere. I used and collected them through my many lives: to successfully get a law degree after working 10 years as a carpenter, to write a book about mathematics for students, then to change life again after an accident and become the CTO of a small startup building code and architecture of a modern web application.

Before going any further, I want to make clear that this article will…

Part 1: Front-end languages

Special thanks to @yatoogamii and @unikoke94 for their reviews

When building a web application, one can feel overwhelmed by the number of languages and options to choose from. And behind each language or tech-stack lies a bigger set of tools and libraries to choose from, making the choice even harder.

Are they all equally good in all situations though ? Not quite.

One thing we learn is that no language is better than the other. Are they all equally good in all situations though ? Not quite. Each one of them will answer a specific need…

I just reached 10.000 full hours of professional coding in about half the time it is supposed to take.

If you have ever searched for “how much practice does it take to become an expert”, chances are you came across the Malcolm Gladwell’s assertion of 10.000 hours and other articles “debunking” this number. I will not discuss here the validity of this “rule”. I will rather give you my own feedback on the journey reaching this number. I hope something here will either help you on your own path, or at least amuse you in some way.

For those who…


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